Roof Replacement in Auburn, WA, Bonney Lake, Kent, WA, Maple Valley, Renton and Nearby Cities

nail and hammers for roof replacement in Bonney Lake

If it is time to replace your roof, you will know it as the roof has ways of putting forward the message in various ways. We, at Bruce’s Roofing, can boast of being the best roofers in this particular industry. Apart from roof replacement, we also provide services like installation, damage repair, and even torch down roofing. Our composition roofs are one of the most popular options today, they come in a variety of shapes,  designs, sizes, and colors. We have a fixed clientele that is slowly and steadily increasing based on a number of referrals due to our numerous style choices and budget-friendliness.

Below we have mentioned 3 major signs that show you should replace your roof. Take a look.

  1. Cracks or missing shingles

It is common for shingles to show signs of wear and tear over years of weather activity. Strong winds rains and years of Sun’s rays often we can the shingles of the roof. If there are quite a few loose ends or damaged shingles on your roof it is best advised to replace the roof before further damage.

  1. Water damage or visible leaks

Leaks in your roofs should be addressed immediately.  If ignored, this may lead to severe water damage. Leaks often damage the structure of the roof which needs complete replacement rather than patching up here and there.

  1. Granule loss

The granules are objects that give your roof color and texture all the while protecting the asphalt shingles from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Hence over the years these granules might get loose and become ‘bald’ which calls for immediate roof replacement in order to sustain damage.

So, if you are looking for roof replacement options in the regions of Auburn, WA, Bonney Lake, Kent, WA, Maple Valley, Renton, Enumclaw, you can give us a call at 800- 825- 1356.